“Are You the Ultimate Horse Junkie?” Horse Junkies United Contest

“Are You the Ultimate Horse Junkie?” Horse Junkies United Contest

Horse Junkies Unite!

If you’ve ever wondered just how “horse crazy” you really are, now’s your chance to find out. EcoLicious Equestrian, a natural grooming products company, is inviting horse lovers to share their bragging rights to see who wins the title of Ultimate Horse Junkie.

We’re teaming up with the  Horse Junkies United to short list the top 5 Ultimate Horse Junkie Contenders and will be putting the decision in the hands of readers and customers. The prize? EcoLicious swag. You guessed right.

As a horse lover I admit to being more than a little crazy for my equine family. We’ll go to great lengths for our horses and we’re interested in hearing just how far others have gone for theirs. If your horse ever ate your paycheque, then you’re a contender!  With a website tagline that states “Horses are expensive, addictive and will impair you ability to use common sense” it was clear that www.horsejunkiesunited.com was the perfect place to issue the challenge. For contest click:  “Are You the Ultimate Horse Junkie”?

To ensure that only the best of the best get to the hands of the winning horse junkie, our grooming products have been “Horse Junkies United Tested & Approved”. Check out what the Horse Junkies United  Pro Groom blogger  Sandra Anderson got to say : Grooming Tips from a REAL Groom: Putting Natural Grooming Products to the Test

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