Benefits of Regular Equine Grooming

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Benefits of Regular Equine Grooming

Let’s talk a little today about various benefits of regular grooming. There are many and they reach far beyond the “looking good” part.

A good grooming session cleans & massages the skin, improves circulation, and more oxygen means a healthier horse. It also allows you to keep a closer eye on your horse and see if anything is out of the ordinary. Bad scrape on his leg, lost shoe…you get the idea. It also helps to warm & relax tight muscles. And we can’t forget the BEAUTY part!
Health & Beauty

Relaxation & Bonding

Horses usually love to be groomed. Between horses, mutual grooming is a sign of affection, friendship & trust and it makes a great way to bond with your horse. You’ll make your horse feel good and he’ll learn that it’s good to be around you. But don’t let him return the favor by nibbling on you. You wouldn’t enjoy it as much as his pasture buddies. When he turns his neck to you, gently push his head away to make him understand that this grooming session is just about him. No need to return the favor!

Tune into him, get to know him, learn where he’s ticklish or sensitive and let him help you find that ooh-so-sweet spot he loves rubbed. Soon your horse will show you what spot is itchy and where they
need to be scratched. My horse lifts his leg like a male dog taking a pee when he needs his belly scratched.

Coming next week, more about grooming as an opportunity to train your horse & teach him patience. Stay tuned!
Adjust the pressure of your touch to the horse’s sensitivity. Some horses love to be curried hard some need a much gentler approach. They’ll let you know and you just need to listen. Sympathetic grooming makes horses relax and more willing to work. Think of the grooming experience as a way to show your horse how much you care.

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