Blinded by the White Testimonial – Horse Hair Jewelery

Whitened with Blinded by the White Whitening Treatment.

Blinded by the White Testimonial – Horse Hair Jewelery

“Hello EcoLicious,

I met you at CanAm and we talked about my Galla Designs horse hair jewellery and the not so white hair I get sent. I apologize as I honestly thought your product was another gimick to get hair white – boy was I wrong.

I didn’t have a white hair sample shipped to me for a couple of weeks, but when it came it was so yellow – so I pulled your product out and OMG couldn’t believe it!!! I wasn’t 100% for sure if was the hair or the product, but I received another white hair sample later that week and I am now 100% sold and now use it on all white and light coloured hair samples sent to me. I have now taken the next step of emailing my customers that I have used your product on and their horse is still alive and letting them know about Blinded By the White Whitening Treatment.”

Thank you,

Trish Kirkpatrick Carter
Owner & Designer at Galla Designs Horse Hair Jewelery

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