Blinded by the White : Total Body Whitening Treatment Powered by Nature is HERE

blinded by the white whitener

Blinded by the White : Total Body Whitening Treatment Powered by Nature is HERE

Anyone who owns a light coloured horse knows it’s next to impossible to get and keep them clean. We’ve  took this challenge seriously and came up with a solution that was tested, approved and nam
ed by our customers.

You’ve been asking for it so here it is.  A whitener powered by nature  that removes manure, urine and grass stains without chemicals, bleach or peroxide. Our customers tested it, and the results literally took our breath away.

Blinded by the White Total Body Whitening Treatment uses the natural lightening power of lemon juice and lemon peel oil. Combined with glycerine it whitens, brightens and conditions the coat, mane and tail. Like other EcoLicious products, it does double duty. It’s really important for us to consider not only superior performance, but how to add value to our products. For example, our new whitener product also conditions the hair, and its lemon properties not only remove the ugliest of stains but also provide uplifting lemon aromatherapy that doesn’t attract insects.

The product is designed to work with EcoLicious Equestrian’s popular Squeaky Green & Clean Deep Cleansing and Conditioning Shampoo and Silky Rinse Out Moisturizing Conditioner for Coat, Mane &Tail.

This is what Sherri,our tester,  said about this product : “It was easy to use and in the time I have owned my horse, I have never seen his tail so white. I was astounded. In fact, I honestly didn’t know how light it could be. I love that it is all-natural. It can’t hurt anything and I don’t end up with chemical stains on my clothes either.

Team EcoLicious Equestrian

Your Horse. Your Earth. Your Choice.

Our full line of natural equine care & grooming products is available at (shipping $15 anywhere in NA) or visit our website for a list of EcoLicious retailers.

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