Do You Know What’s Hiding in Your Equine Grooming Products?

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Do You Know What’s Hiding in Your Equine Grooming Products?

Have you ever wondered what it is you’re grooming your horse with? What is it made of?

Certain products in our grooming totes can be outright hazardous to the health of our animals, our earth, and our health. To stop the toxic overload we need to be more aware about our everyday choices: our horses & barn included.

So… what’s in your mane & tail conditioner or coat shine?

Most likely SILICONES.

Silicones are synthetic by-products coat the skin, trapping anything beneath it, and do not allow the skin to breathe (much like plastic wrap would do.) When skin treated with silicones get exposed to sweat, it gets irritated. Surprise – horses are sweating machines! Certain synthetic emollients are known to be carcinogenic and may accumulate in the liver and lymph nodes. And they aren’t good for our earth either – they aren’t biodegradable.

Instead of silicone based products try our customer’s favorite, silicone free De-Stress Intensive Restructuring Treatment made from 100% natural ingredients.

And what’s hiding in your horse shampoo?


Severe skin irritant toxic to fish and wildlife that negatively effects central nervous system. Try our SLS free Squeaky Green & Clean biodegradable shampoo.

In your hoof oil  or conditioner?


What is it? Petroleum by-product that coats hoof  & skin like plastic, clogging the pores, preventing them from breathing. And without oxygen, your horse’s hoofs won’t regenerate.  Mineral oil irritates & promotes skin disorders and  is often used in  products that suppose to help get rid of the itch. Go figure. And remember : baby oil is 100% pure mineral oil.

All of the above products usually also contain parabens. PARABENS (methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl) are synthetic preservatives used to extend shelf life of grooming products. It’s toxic and can cause allergic reactions. At EcoLicious Equestrian we uses rosemary to preserve our products naturally.
Ride Green,

The EcoLicious Equestrian
Your Horse. Your Earth. Your Choice.

Would like to know more about how you can detox your equine grooming routine? Visitecoliciousequestrian/detox-grooming


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