EcoLicious Ambassador Joyce Cameron Sharing Tips on How to Run a Green Barn

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EcoLicious Ambassador Joyce Cameron Sharing Tips on How to Run a Green Barn

To celebrate the Earth Day today, we’re excited  to have Joyce Cameron, EcoLicious Ambassador and a Canadian Grand Prix dressage rider sharing green tips from her eco friendly barn.

“I live in Collingwood Ontario and our family run stable is located just outside of Thornbury Ontario.  Our farm is an ECO friendly, completely solar powered professional dressage training facility.  In 1998, when I was 13, my parents purchased a piece of vacant land with big dreams for our future equestrian centre and farm.  What we did not realize is that there were no hydro poles along the road of this property.  So instead of making the big investment to put conventional hydro into the property my father invested the money into designing and building a completely solar powered, “off grid” equestrian paradise. The barn has a series of solar panels which are connected to a battery for power storage and then an inverter which changes the power into regular house hold current.  What this means is when you walk into the house or barn you just flip on the lights, same as any other house or barn.  The indoor arena was designed with extra-large windows to provide as much natural light as possible to avoid use of large florescent light bulbs.  The tackroom is heated with a simple propane heater.  All of the hay grown for the horses is free of chemical fertilizers and sprays and the water system for the horses is pumped directly from a large pond which was dug on the property. Because healthy eating is a big part of living well, my mother has a very large organic fruit and vegetable garden and we also have free range happy chickens for eggs.  The chickens also help to keep the number of flies down by eating the fly larva before it is hatched.  I am huge believer in living simply and as environmentally friendly as possible and want to teach my daughter Lily to live as ecofriendly as possible to.”

Thank you Joyce. Happy Earth Day!

Ride Green,

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