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EcoLicious Equestrian at a Dressage Camp

dressage camp

EcoLicious Equestrian at a Dressage Camp

This week Durango & I went to Dressage Camp – 2 days of intense schooling sessions with clinicians from different parts of the country, lessons in hands-on equine stretching and show braiding followed by a schooling show.

Carolyn from Backstretch Equine Massage showed our horse enthusiast group how to stretch our horses’ muscles.  We were able to practice on our own horses and Durango really enjoyed his stretching session as well as the carrots that come with a couple of stretches.You can check out several how to stretching videos here from Horse Channel.

We learned how to braid Anky Style Sewn In Dressage Buttons.  Mellisa Bosma,
our mentor tried our In Control Braiding & Mane Setting Cream and loved the smell, the texture and the job it did. It’s a slightly sticky conditioning cream that eliminates fly-aways and moisturizes at the same time.  Unlike Quick Braid, In Control doesn’t dry out manes.

And the best part : if you have “helmet hair” you can use In Control to smooth your own do! Just remember to use only a little bit, it’s concentrated. Video with instructions on how to make your own Anky Braids  is coming soon.

Here’s Durango and I on the final day of the camp – the schooling show. In spite of couple of “on-course-errors” (yeah – I lost it TWICE! I blame it on the total lack of sleep) the judges feedback was very encouraging and we finally saw eights on the score sheet. Thanks judges for not letting us roast in our jackets!

Are you going to a horse camp this summer? Let me know…

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