EcoLicious Product Spotlight – Moisture Maniac Detangling Infusion

moisture maniac detangler

EcoLicious Product Spotlight – Moisture Maniac Detangling Infusion

If a spray on detangler is part of your regular grooming routine, you got to try our EcoLicious Moisture Maniac Detangling Infusion. It’s packed with 100% natural and naturally derived ingredients that condition and detangle your horse’s mane and tail without drying it out. Panthenol & Silk Powder derived from pure Silk Worm Cocoon help restore natural luminosity, retain moisture and nourish your horse’s mane & tail hair. Certified Organic Hemp Oil & Sunflower Seed Oil softens and smoothes while protecting fragile hair from breakage and the reflective properties of Silk Powder act as a natural sunscreen. It’s silicone free. Why? Even though silicone is used in majority of mane & tail products on the market, it does in fact damage hair in a long term. It clogs pores, thus prevents hair from breathing and without any oxygen, the hair cannot regenerate.

Did I mention that it smells heavenly?  Essential Oil of Sweet Orange is known in both equine and human aromatherapy for its mood uplifting properties and it also makes a great conditioner.  Warning : Horses love the scent and might try to eat the bottle, so keep an eye on it. And don’t worry! It won’t attract bugs – unlike us and our horses, the bugs don’t dig citrus scents.

Like all our products – Moisture Maniac is packaged in 100% recycled plastic and the bottle can be recycled once you’re done with it.

And now you can try Moisture Maniac Detangling Infusion for FREE (retail value $22.95), if your order $50 or more. Flat shipping fee $15 anywhere in the US and Canada. Promo code: frMM11. Promo offer will expire on February 8th, 2011.

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