Get Your Horse’s Tail Show Ready with De Stress Intensive Treatment

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Get Your Horse’s Tail Show Ready with De Stress Intensive Treatment

Get your horse’s tail show ready with this intensive EcoLicious treatment and transform your horse’s tail. Go from dry & distressed to vibrant and nourished within minutes. You don’t need to wash your horse’s tail prior unless it’s really dirty.

It’s simple.

1. Heat up approx. half ounce of De-Stress Intensive Restructuring Treatment in a small microwavable bowl. Do not overheat. It needs to hot enough to create the effect and not too hot so you don’t burn your hands. De-Stress is made with 100% natural & organic ingredients and is silicone free and  can be used in place of regular conditioner/detangler.

2. Rub the treatment into the tail hair as well as the base. Spread evenly.  Small amount goes a long way here, be prepared to need less than you expected.

3. Wrap. We are using an e-wrap (biodegradable form of saran wrap), but it is not widely available so go with aluminum foil instead. It’s made from recycled aluminum and it can be recycled after you’re done with it.

4. Leave on for at least 10 minutes, but if you have time, leave it on longer. Don’t wash out. The hair will soak it in. If there is a little left unabsorbed, pat the tail dry with a towel.

And the results? Dazzling!

Ride Green,

Team EcoLicious Equestrian

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