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“Give Thanks to Your Horse” EcoLicious Thanksgiving Contest

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your furry friends!

Let’s celebrate with a contest. If you’re a Canuck,  Canadian Thanksgiving is long gone, but I’m sure you still have a lot to be thankful for and you can still win FREE stuff.  If you’re answer is drawn, you’ll get a FREE De-Stress Intensive Mane & Tail Treatment The winner will be drawn on Friday- the 25th of November 2011 at noon CST.

Here’s the scoop. We’ve got so much to be thankful for.  And our horses belong to the thankful-for-category big time.  We’re so blessed to have such amazing animals in our lives, so let’s express our thanks. Post your thank you  (short or long are welcomed) along  with a photo of your dear friend on our EcoLicious Facebook Page for a chance to win EcoLicious swag. And most importantly – make sure to whisper the thank you  into your horses ear (an apple and carrot will be a nice touch).

Thank you
Cadence for being  such a spirited horse. You challenge me every day, you teach me perseverance, patience and empathy.You teach me how to breathe, observe and stay in the moment. Thank you for showing  me how to be non-judgmental, how to accept and work with whatever life throws at you (in your case a buck, spook or just plain old opinionated  ”I’d ratherHere are my Thank Yous:

not”) lol. Thank you for being you!

Thank You Cadence!

Thank you Durango for reminding me that life’s just not about work. We gotta have fun!  Thank you for being my snuggle-to-horse when I’m down. Thank you for always being there for me when I need someone to listen to me. Thank you for forgiving me my mistakes and imperfections – and there’s plenty.

Thank you Durango!

I love you guys from the bottom of my heart!

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