“Glam It Up” : NEW EcoLicious Facial Highlighter GLAMOROUS is HERE


“Glam It Up” : NEW EcoLicious Facial Highlighter GLAMOROUS is HERE

You know at EcoLicious Equestrian we’re always looking for ways to combine the beauty factor for show ring caliber results with natural health and wellness benefits.  That’s why we’ve added another performance grooming essential to our beauty lineup of all natural, environmentally friendly equine products.  Our new Glamorous Facial Highlighter offers that special finishing shine around the muzzle and eye area, and really turns up the drama on horses of all colors. It’s like visiting the makeup counter with your horse.

Giving your horse that little extra touch of glamour before your turn in the show ring can make the difference in your score, not to mention you and your horse’s confidence level as you make your grand entrance.

Glamorous uses the natural reflective power of Mica mineral to add shimmer with the added bonus of natural protection from
harmful UV rays. Beeswax and certified Hemp Oil moisturize and soothe the skin and coat, while Sweet Orange essential oil makes it smell heavenly.

Like all of EcoLicious Equestrian’s grooming products, ingredients are all natural and environmentally friendly and are human grade so are safe to use on people and animals. There are no toxic ingredients or silicones that give slick shine but are petroleum based. A touch of Glamorous on your shoulders, arms or gams will glam you up too.

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