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Powerful natural properties of the finest natural and organic ingredients, essential oils and plant extracts will bring comfort help you care for your horse safely with no toxic yuck involved.

Good to your horse. Good to the planet.



SMEG-U-LATER All-Natural Sheath Cleaner

Smegma, see you later - get rid of gunk build up with Smeg-U-Later. This all-natural formula is made with gentle yet effective coconut-derived cleansers and soothing Honeysuckle Extract to make sure our precious geldings and stud muffins get clean down there without irritation.

Price: USD $21.20

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Comfort Me Skin Soothing Balm

COMFORT ME Moisturizing Balm

Does your horse’s skin need some serious TLC? Bring on Comfort Me to the rescue. This skin balm is formulated with highest-quality all natural ingredients to keep your horse’s skin looking and feeling its best.

Price: USD $19.95

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