Lisa Going EcoLicious – The EcoLicious Beauty Makeover

lisa going ecolicious

Lisa Going EcoLicious – The EcoLicious Beauty Makeover

We confess. We’re obsessed with before & after pics. Be it in a beauty salon or in an episode of the Biggest Loser, we’re crazy about them. In the spirit of our obsession, we’d like to share with you today a story of Lisa – a Hanoverian Warmblood mare going EcoLicious.

Lisa enjoyed her spa day tremendously. She showed us where she was itchy and where she needed to be scratched. She kept sniffing our hands (yes, our products are scented with Sweet Orange Essential Oil that horses are head over heels with, but which bugs don’t dig.)  She even strutted her stuff like there’s no tomorrow when Steph – her rider – took her for a little jumping session after the bath. You know the saying: when you look good, you feel good.

So How It Went Down (EcoLiciously of course, but let’s look at it step by step)

Step 1. Before we use shampoo, we always apply DeStress – the 100% Natural Intensive Mane & Tail Treatment. Why? You don’t want to start shampooing dry, knotted tail hair. Application BEFORE also ensures that no burrs or shavings are left, which are difficult to remove once the tail is wet even if you use rinse out conditioner.

Step 2. We start with the tail – after all there’s nothing like a full flowing shiny tail. We scrub the tail base thoroughly to help a horse ease the itch. Make sure to use only quality natural shampoos that won’t irritate your horse, otherwise he’ll end up with an even more itchy tail than when you started. For a soothing yet thorough cleansing try our Squeaky Green & Clean.

Step 3. We wash out the shampoo, apply Silky – a rinse out conditioner and then we let it work its magic while we proceed with scrubbing the rest of the horse.

Step 4. Scrub & scrub. Get yourself one of the loofah mitts. They’re the best thing to bathe your horse with. Guaranteed


Step 5. We hose the horse off & apply a rinse out conditioner. Our Silky is made to condition both coat, mane & tail. We leave it in for a bit while we gently pick / comb through the tail and rinse off.

Step 6. Final hose off. Get yourself a squeegee – it’s the best test to figure out if there’s any dirt or suds left in your horse’s coat. Once clear – we’re done. At least for a bit.

Step 7. Now the mane treatment. To shorten the mane we love to use a thinning knife. We cannot be trusted with straight blade scissors.  We didn’t try to pull the “mane-pulling” move on this girl. Just like her Daddy ( Icarus) she will have none of that. Then we finish off with a spritz of Moisture Maniac.

Step 8. Then the tail. We apply a little dollop of DeStress, comb through & bang it at the bottom to make it look full. When you do that always make sure that you have someone to put a hand under the horse’s dock and lift it to the height  the horse naturally carries it’s tail.

Step 9. We’re done! Nope. Not just yet. A little spritz of our Glossy – Gloss Enhancing Coat Tonic – it’s got Mica in it. It is a shimmery reflective mineral that also acts as a natural sunscreen. And a little bit ofHoof Therapy to make the hooves shiny & healthy.

And voila! Who would think  Lisa is such a HOT STUFF?

Step 10. We almost forgot the most important step. The “spoil-me-silly” time. Treats!!!
Lisa’s fav: black licorice.

Team EcoLicious EquestrianRide Green,

Your Horse. Your Earth. Your Choice.

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