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Mane & Tail 

Who doesn't love a beautiful flowing mane and tail? Strong, shiny and silky, they are the crown jewel of every horse. With EcoLicious Equestrian all natural grooming products, every horse can be beautiful and your dream of flowing manes & tails can become reality.  We use only finest natural people-grade ingredients like organic hemp oil, coconut oil, banana, Shea & cocoa butter, wild-crafted essential oils and plant extracts.

We're here to make horses beautiful. Naturally.



DE-STRESS Intensive Restructuring & Detangling Treatment

The best tail conditioner and detangler you've ever tried. Our customers are in love with it. 100% natural. Made with Organic Hemp & Sunflower oil.

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MOISTURE MANIAC Mane & Tail Detangling Infusion

If a spray-on detangler is part of your regular grooming routine, you've got to try our EcoLicious Moisture Maniac Detangling Infusion. It's packed with 100% natural, naturally derived and organic ingredients that condition and detangle your horse's mane and tail without drying it out.

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IN CONTROL Conditioning Mane Setting Cream

A must for flawless show braids. Full of all-natural nourishing & conditioning goodness. It provides subtle hold and allows for a good grip making it an excellent mane styling & setting tool that is invaluable in training manes to lie flat.

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