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Meet Dani – Our New EcoLicious Brand Ambassador


Meet Dani – Our New EcoLicious Brand Ambassador

Here’s a bit about Dani, our new Brand Ambassador & why she decided to become one.

“My name is Dani!

I am 16 and I have lived in Southern California my whole life. I have been around horses ever since I was born, although I didn’t start riding until I was 4. My mom used to bring me to work with her, she is a wedding coordinator and there is a barn next to the facility, I used to walk to the arena and be mesmerized by all the riders and their horses. I kept getting closer and closer each day, finally the trainer convinced my mom to let me ride. Soon after that I was riding Patches in my first lesson. By my third lesson I was cantering, I was hooked.

I have been riding with the same trainer my whole life, I couldn’t picture my life without her, Michelle is a mom to me! It’s through Michelle that Celebrity, my current horse, came into my life. He  is a huge 9 year old bay Warmblood and a project horse per say. He knows a lot, but he also needed to be taught a few things. Trust was one of them. Celebrity isn’t scared of the jumps, he will jump anything, but he is scared of the horses around him. Warm up rings are a struggle but I have learned a lot the past 11 months on how to manage him in a busy ring! I have been taught patience, unconditional love, teamwork, faith, trust, focus, purpose, intention, grace, kindness. I’ve been taught how to overcome my fears, be a leader and communicate without words. I have moved up in the jumpers with him and we currently are showing 1.05-1.10. My goal for this show season is to conquer the Children’s jumpers.

I want the best for my horse, which is why I became an EcoLicious Ambassador. Not only do they have amazing products, they have a great message too. After I used their shampoo, conditioner, and their de stress detangler, I was hooked. I have never seen my horse so clean and healthy looking! I became an ambassador because I think everyone in California, heck, everyone that owns a horse should be using EcoLicious Equestrian.  I am proud to represent an amazing company that is good for horses, humans, and environment and doesn’t test on animals (unless it passes a series of tests).”

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Thank you  Dani! Thrilled to have you! Sending smooches to Celebrity ( I’m a sucker for flashy bays).


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