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Natural Horse Care Products – Raving Reviews

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Natural Horse Care Products – Raving Reviews

Just wanted to share a wonderful feedback from one of our EcoLicious customers – Stephanie Sawatzky.

“Just bought De-Stress-the Mane & Tail All Natural Intensive Treatment the other day and used it tonight for the first time. AmAzInG!!! It worked incredibly well, I barely needed any and it covered the whole tail. Best mane & tail product i’ve ever used (and i’m a grooming product junkie!).”

“I will definitively be buying other products from this line!”

Thank you  for your support Stephanie!

Check out more raving reviews on our website. If you need to get your horse’s tail healthy & show ready, try De-Stress! It’s the next best thing since…umhh…. since women swapped side saddles for the real thing!

Ride Green,

The EcoLicous Equestrian

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