New EcoLicious Whitener Formula:The Test Results Took Our Breath Away

Spirit – A Bashkir Curly

New EcoLicious Whitener Formula:The Test Results Took Our Breath Away

Results of our new whitener formula test are IN! Meet Spirit – a 7 year old Bashkir Curly – with a manure & urine discolored tail. His owner Sherri has been using our products on him for over year and when she heard we were developing a whitener, she wanted to be the first one to test it.

This whitener formula is like all our other grooming products free of nasty chemicals, parabens and silicones and contain no peroxide. It’s made with one of the most powerful natural bleach- lemons.

First we washed his tail with our Squeaky Green & Clean Deep Cleansing and Conditioning Shampoo. This “baby” itself is pretty powerful in removing yellow stains and together with the whitener they make a serious stain busting duo.

Check out the below Before & After Close Ups. We held his tail next to his hind end to show the contrast.  Sherri’s first comment was: “He’s got a Barbie tail”. That just about sums it up. What do you think?

And here is a regular Before & After Shot. As soon as it warms up a bit we will give this horse a full EcoLicious Beauty Makeover so stay tuned!

We will be launching this product next month, but before that, we will have a product naming contest.  You can help us pick the best name for a chance to win the first bottle.

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