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Are You Training Your Horse While Grooming or Is He Training You?

You know that in EcoLicious Equestrian we’re all about grooming. And it’s not just about products. Did you know that grooming time is a great way to establish a tone for things to come? I am very excited to share with you the below guest  post by Horse Listening. I’ve been enjoying this insightful blog for a while[…]Read More

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SUPER groom Karen Salon from Clip Equine takes on a subject of winter clipping in a great detail for us! Full of practical tips and advice for a flawless body clip. By Karen Salon • Clip Equine Winter coats present unique challenges. They are longer, thicker, and denser than summer coats and left alone, they[…]Read More

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Introducing CLIPPIN’ AWESOME After Clip Deep Moisture Treatment

Dull and dandruffy coat is something most of us who clip are familiar with, so when you asked, we jumped on the opportunity to create a product specifically tailored to a freshly clipped coat in need of moisture. Clippin’ Awesome After Clip Deep Moisture Treatment is formulated with finest all natural and organic ingredients like[…]Read More

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How to Trim a Mane

It can be tricky to trim a mane. I myself cannot be often trusted with scissors and manes, but thanks to our grooming contributor Kiira Lizza, I am getting hang of it. Watch below few tips on how to get it done right and please do share your tips with us in our comment section.[…]Read More

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Spring Horse Grooming & Care Tips

Ahh, spring. The birds are starting to chirp in the morning, the sun is shining (and staying out later), and the grass is starting to poke through the ground. I love spring for reasons other than sunshine and flowers though. Mainly because I love having everything super organized and clean. Here’s some tips and trick[…]Read More

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Winter Grooming Tips

We are in the middle of winter, and if you, like us, can’t really pack up the trailer and take of south, we have some winter grooming tips for you, so without further a due, here they are. Stay warm! Mud season and chilly temperatures are upon us and with that, we have to be[…]Read More

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EcoLicious Ambassador Joyce Cameron Sharing Tips on How to Run a Green Barn

Joyce eco barn

EcoLicious Ambassador Joyce Cameron Sharing Tips on How to Run a Green Barn To celebrate the Earth Day today, we’re excited  to have Joyce Cameron, EcoLicious Ambassador and a Canadian Grand Prix dressage rider sharing green tips from her eco friendly barn. “I live in Collingwood Ontario and our family run stable is located just[…]Read More

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How to Have an Eco Barn

eco barn

How to Have an Eco Barn Conserving resources and employing the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is a top priority within the stable and yard everyday. By practicing simple switches and opting for the “greener” route, you’ll be amazed at how much energy and how many resources are saved on a daily basis. Start in[…]Read More

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Introducing Our First Male Ambassador: Quinn Waselenchuk

quinn and horse photo

Introducing Our First Male Ambassador: Quinn Waselenchuk Introducing another EcoLicious Ambassador. And this time it’s a BOY!!! “My name is Quinn and I am a show jumper from Alberta. I am 15 and I have been riding for nine years with many more to come. When I was younger I dreamed of becoming a cowboy[…]Read More