Ponies & Makeovers


Ponies & Makeovers

Can ponies and kids combo be any cuter? Thanks to an Ecolicious make-over, these two are gleaming from head to their little hooves! Here is what their owners, Ethan and Alixandrea Eckert have to say about our products:

Hi Miss Petra,

We wanted to share our story and let you know how much we LOVE your Ecolicious products! Our ponies loved them too, and even our donkey, Max, wanted to sniff the bottles. The orange smell is so nice!

Gryfindor, the little white unicorn minus the horn, loved to be scrubbed all over with the Squeaky Clean & Green Shampoo. Then I used the Blinded by the White Whitener on his mane and tail to get all the yellow out and after it soaked in, I neededsunglasses to look at him!

Peter Pan has the nicest mane now that I put the DeStress Detangler in it. It always used to get knotted, but I am able to brush through it now everyday after I used it. I also used Blinded by the White on his white leg markings and he kept bending his head down to sniff his feet!

We both used the Glossy Shine Spray at the end of our make-over to really make them shine like the diamonds Mom says they always are!

Peter, Gryff, and both of us would like to thank you for making such yummy, natural products for us to use!

Ethan and Alixandrea Eckert
Anola, MB.

We at EcoLicious want to thank you for being such awesome customers! LOVE

Yours naturally.

EcoLicious Equestrian
making horses beautiful. naturally.

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