Professional Groom’s Experience with EcoLicious Products

diana burnett

Professional Groom’s Experience with EcoLicious Products

What’s Sandra Anderson’s – professional equine groom for Diana Burnett  Eventing – take on EcoLicious grooming products?

“The Ecolicious grooming products are amazing! My personal favorites are the Leave Me Be  All Natural  Body Spray , the Glossy Gloss Coat Shine, De-Stress Intensive Mane & Tail Detangler which can get out the toughest of knots, and the Squeaky Green & Clean Deep Cleansing and Conditioning Shampoo which gets the horses’ coats super clean and shiny”

“These products smell great and work even better! I love that they are all natural and chemical free! By using these products, I can be sure that my top competition horses are being groomed with safe, environmentally friendly products that meet their every need. I know that Diana’s horses look their best going into the show ring thanks to the Ecolicious grooming products!”

Ride Green!
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