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Raving Reviews – EcoLicious Equestrian Natural & Earth Friendly Horse Care Products

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Raving Reviews – EcoLicious Equestrian Natural & Earth Friendly Horse Care Products

We always love to hear from you and your ponies. Thanks Megan for sharing her experience with EcoLicious Equestrian products!!!

“When EcoLicious Equestrian came onto the market, I knew it was what I had been searching for all these years as I lingered in the tack store.  I always felt uncertain of what was safe to use on my horses (and why on earth I should use something that advised me to “spray in a well ventilated area” and “wash hands immediately after use.”) I pride myself on meticulous turn out and wanted to find something that would deliver serious results without compromising my horse’s health.”

“I felt uneasy turning my horses out after using traditional chemical-based products knowing they would inevitably itch and ingest potentially toxic substances.  I wanted something safe AND effective.  EcoLicious Equestrian does just that.  My horses are happy to indulge my grooming addiction since I
started using EcoLicious products, in particular the “Glossy” Enhancing Coat Tonic.”


“They never wince, prance or try to leave when I reach for a bottle…they seem soothed by the natural healing fragrance and let me spray tomy hearts content!  They just seem to know it won’t hurt them and it gives me peace of mind knowing it’s also environmentally friendly. It doesn’t hurt that it makes their coats fantastically shiny without ever causing my saddle to slip!”

“The fact that I get compliments most every day on what beautiful horses I have is a real testament to the quality of EcoLicious products.  I like to think of this line of products as professional-grade and wouldn’t be surprised if they find their way into the grooming buckets of Olympians in the very near future!”


Megan Nunn
Equines Wellness Consultant & Dressage Rider
From The Ground Up Equine Services

Thank you Megan! We sure appreciate your kind words!

Team EcoLicious Equestrian
Ride Green,

Your Horse. Your Earth. Your Choice.

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