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Raving Reviews


Raving Reviews

“My name is Elaine Banfield I am an FEI dressage trainer, rider and coach. Also an Equine Canada certified national dressage judge and an Equine Canada high performance training coach at Elaine Banfield Equine Services.”

“ I use products from EcoLicious Equestrian in my barn. They smell great and feel better than great.  They deliver the kind of results I want for my competition horses, with no worry of compromising their health,  quality of  air around my barn or my own health. They are gentle, without any toxic ingredients, and the results are wonderful.”

“ EcoLicious products work superbly and are easy to use. I love the shiny coats and smooth silky tails. My absolute favourite is the De-Stress Intensive Restructuring & Detangling Treatment for manes and tails. It’s a great conditioner, soothes itchy tails and is the fastest way to remove burrs, stubborn tangles or shavings. The best feature is the longevity of these products. The tail is smooth and tangle free for several days.”

“I am so impressed with the quality of these products that I have been confidently recommending EcoLicious products to all my clientele. Thank you EcoLicious, it is about time someone produced truly effective and environmentally friendly horse care products.”


Elaine Banfield, FEI Dressage Trainer, Rider, Couch & Dressage Judge
Anola, MB

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