Show Ready with EcoLicious Equestrian : Comprehensive Guide to Make Your Horse Red Carpet Ready, Part 3

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Show Ready with EcoLicious Equestrian : Comprehensive Guide to Make Your Horse Red Carpet Ready, Part 3

Here is our final part of our “EcoLicious Red Carpet Ready Guide”. If you follow these steps, your horse will look like a glamorous movie star at the Oscars when you’re done with him. Guaranteed. Most importantly –  have fun with your horse and make sure to have some baby carrots handy.

Step 6:  Finishing Touches

Yes, here I am working on the mane and tail again!  What kind of anal-retentive, over achiever would I be if I didn’t work on the mane and tail just once more?

When the mane is dry, I like to wrap things up by braiding using In Control Braiding & Mane Setting Cream.  I’ve tried other products, but as far as I’m concerned this is a lifesaver if you do any sport where you have to band or braid.  Not only are hairsprays and gels toxic, sticky and smelly but they also don’t provide the subtle hold In Control gives you (OR add lustre OR restore elasticity to the hair!)  You caught me – I’m not a fan of using hairsprays or sticky short-cuts to braid hair, but can you blame me? Who wants a crunchy, sticky mane and tail after you’ve just put all that effort into getting it silky, shiny and soft?!?  Even if you don’t braid, gently smooth the settling cream along the crest of the mane to eliminate those pesky fly-a-way’s.

As I move back to the tail, I once again reach for my trusty De-Stress Intensive Reconstructing & Detangling Treatment.  I like to put a small dollop in my hand and work it through the tail, doing one last gentle finger comb as I go.  Once I’m satisfied that absolutely no raking is required, I will brush the tail with a flexible, natural bristle brush. As I gently separate every last squeaky clean, glistening strand I build show-stopping volume (a must for horses who weren’t blessed with beautiful tails and a bonus for those who were!)

Step 7:  Pièce de résistance

You didn’t think I’d ignore the hooves did you?  I leave this step until just before I go to the warm-up ring – in fact it’s the last thing I do before I get changed into my show clothes and put my bridle on.  If you are slightly less accident-prone than a certain blogger with an unhealthy finger-combing obsession I might mention, then you can feel free to do this step at any time. Although Hoof Therapy Restorative & Protective Serum is already a must-have in my grooming tote year-round, it has also become the finishing touch on my red carpet makeover.  Much like a good pair of stilettos, naturally glossy and moisturized hooves really finish the look.  No toxic paints, tars or sparkles required!  You cant’ go wrong with this product – not only does it naturally nourish and moisturize your horses hooves but I’ve found it resists dust and dirt accumulation better than most products on the market.  Bonus! 

Well there you have it folks!  That’s my sure-fire (and ever-so-good-smelling) method to transform your horse into a head turning, jaw dropping and eco-friendly show horse!  Step back and admire your work for a moment, and then go brush the hay out of your hair,  get out your Tide stick (ketchup doesn’t get itself out of white breeches!) and give yourself a makeover.

Make sure to check out Part I. & Part II.of our EcoLicious “Red Carpet Ready” Guide as well.

Naturally yours until next time!

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