Testimonial from Doreen from Aisling Sport Horses

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Testimonial from Doreen from Aisling Sport Horses

Another raving review from the users of EcoLicious products. Thank you Doreen! We’re thrilled to have our products used on you beautiful boy!

“We used the Squeaky Green & Clean Deep Cleansing & Conditioning Shampoo, In Control Braiding Lotion for the braiding, and the Glamorous Face Highlighter – we loved it and he loved it!! The In Control really made a huge difference when I was braiding his mane – it was so much easier to get the braid tight, uniform, and it stayed in place! The shampoo brought out his beautiful shimmer, and the face highlighter looked beautiful on his face – and best yet, he LOVED the stuff! He kept try


ing to lick it off our hands! So we love your products – they are fantastic.

In fact, several people wanted to use the products on their own hands because
it smelled so good!”


Doreen Kula
Aisling Sporthorses
Avon, NY

Ride Green,
EcoLicious Equestrian
making horses beautiful. naturally.

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