Testimonial from Shayne Dante – FEI Rider, Trainer & Equine Athletic Therapist

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Testimonial from Shayne Dante – FEI Rider, Trainer & Equine Athletic Therapist

We love getting your testimonials. They will never cease to brighten up our day.

“When I first bought my gray horse, I knew keeping him clean would be quite the project. However, with the help of all the Ecolicious Equestrian products, managing his daily cleanliness disasters has been easy… and enjoyable! Every product smells amazing and their effects LAST. Most grooming products damage his hair, dry my skin, and don’t actually clean him. We love Squeaky Clean (both the shampoo and the spray), Blinded by the White, and most of all, Hoof Therapy!
Besides training and showing my FEI horses, I also have a therapy system called the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse. The instruments are very sensitive to anything on my equine patients’ bodies… including grooming products with harsh chemicals. Ecolicious products are the first that do not interfere with the biofeedback mechanisms of my instruments; other everyday products have to be wiped clean and dried, which takes more time away from treatments.

Thank you so much to Ecolicious for making my business run smoothly (and smell delicious) during training, showing, and therapy!”

Shayne Dante, FEI Rider & Trainer, Equine Athletic Therapist

Thank you Shayne! All the best!

Ride Green,
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