Winter Grooming Tips – Protect the Tail

Protect your horse’s tail with a braid

Winter Grooming Tips – Protect the Tail

Winter & early spring can be hard on tails with all the mud and ”poop soup”. To keep your horse’s tail clean you can do two things.

  • Put your horse’s tail into a commercial tail bag.
  • Protect it with a braid.

For lovely locks it’s important that you bag or braid a clean tail. You can safely bathe the bottom of the tail below the tail bone even in cold weather. Make sure to use a gentle shampoo without Sodium Lauryl & Sodium Laureth Sulphate (common ingredient in majority of horse shampoos on the market that is toxic to fish and wildlife) such as Squeaky Green & Clean. Always apply a tail conditioner before bagging/ braiding to prevent breakage. Go silicone free since silicone prevents hair from breathing and without oxygen the hair cannot regenerate. Try our 100% natural De-Stress Intensive Restructuring Treatment that is readily absorbed and doesn’t suffocate your horse’s tail.

How to Braid:

Divide the hair into three sections, wrap each section in a commercial tail tube protector (you can also use strips of torn bedsheet or an old pair of pantyhose) then braid the sections together. Once you hit the end of the tail continue braiding  for a few inches then finish off with a knot.

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