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You Have No Idea How Fantastic the Changes Are

Hilo and Diana’s daughter

You Have No Idea How Fantastic the Changes Are


We love to hear from you. Here is an email from one of our customers and a vendor of EcoLicious products in Ontario. Thank you for sharing Diana!

“I should tell you about Hilo. He tried to slice his foot of 15 years ago on a barb wire fence. He has lived with a nasty scar over the inside of his heel and into the coronet band. This has always caused a crack in his hoof, a lot of movement and shoes falling off in two weeks or less. We had started using just lavender oil on the coronet band about 6 months ago. When I purchased your Hoof Therapy Restorative & Protective Serum we started using just that. His feet look amazing now. The farrier can get all the nails in, he keeps his shoe on for a full 4 week reset and they look so darn healthy. You have no idea how fantastic a change this is. It has been a  long time of trials and this is the first thing to make his foot look normalish.  He can be the poster child.”

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