EcoLicious Equestrian Horse Grooming Products

Natural Horse Care & Grooming Products that Perform

  • ~ 100% Free of Nasty Chemicals, Silicones & Parabens.

  • ~ Made with Natural and Organic GMO Free Ingredients

  • ~ Biodegradable & Earth Friendly.

  • ~ Sourced from Renewable Resources.

  • ~ Packaged in 100% recycled bottles.

  • ~ See our customers' raving reviews & results for yourself.

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Have you ever wondered what’s in your horse grooming products? You can find a number of online resources that examine the safety of human personal care products, but you will have to search very hard to find anything related to the safety of equine grooming products. Certain products in our grooming totes can be outright hazardous to the health of our animals, our earth, and our health. To stop the toxic overload we need to be more aware about our everyday choices: our horses & barn included. EcoLicious Equestrian horse care products are here to help you detox your grooming routine. They're natural & earth friendly. They're 100% Free of Nasty Chemicals, Silicones & Parabens and are made with 100% Natural, Naturally Derived & Organic Human Grade Ingredients. Our products are so delicious, you'll want to share them with your horse. And you can!

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