About the Founder

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your interest in our products and stopping by to visit our website. My name is Petra and I am the founder of EcoLicious Equestrian. My life revolves around horses, as I am sure yours does as well. I’ve been around them since I was a little girl and I can spend hours just grooming. My horses are turned out most of the time, when weather permits and go blanket-less whenever possible to avoid blanket rubs (don’t you find that even the best fitting blanket will rub somewhere?). Effective grooming products in my grooming tote is a must.

The inspiration for this line is my horse Durango. He is a very sensitive Trakehner with variety of allergies. He was reacting to regular grooming products.  You see; the majority of grooming products available on the market are packed with harsh chemicals like lauryl sulphates, silicones, and parabens. They’re bad for our health, bad for our environment, and definitely bad for our horses! This is when I decided to create an alternative. First, was a thorough look into grooming product ingredients, that didn’t make sense to me at all and I questioned the logic of using grooming products that contain ingredients toxic to fish and wildlife on my equine friends. This led me to search for truly natural and effective grooming products, and upon discovering a complete lack of such comprehensive product lines, decided to develop EcoLicious Equestrian

I am proud of this  environmentally friendly grooming line focused on health and performance. The results are rewarding, and who wouldn’t have fun doing what you love; working with horses! I am constantly working on new products to add to the EcoLicious line to make our two legged and four legged customers happy and healthy.

EcoLicious products are not only safe, they deliver breath-taking results. I use these products every day and I am positive both your horse as well as yourself will enjoy & appreciate the EcoLicious Experience. I know the earth will for sure.

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“Ride Green!”

Petra Z. McGowan




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