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Hello everyone,

Thanks for your interest in our products and thank you for stopping by to visit our website. My name is Petra Z. McGowan and I am the founder of EcoLicious Equestrian. My life revolves around horses, as I am sure yours does as well. They are an all-consuming hobby, aren’t they?  Mine live with me at a 40-acre hobby farm in central Canada.  Durango, a 15 year of Trakehner that I compete in dressage and a trail horse extraordinaire,  my husband’s Quarter horse Mister that I keep sharp and in a shape and my 6-year-old daughter’s little Welsh/Pony Cross Eddie.  I love spending time with my horses and can get a lost for hours in grooming. My horses are turned out most of the time with access to large bedded shelter (weather permitting) and go blanket-less whenever possible (don’t you find that even the best fitting blanket will rub somewhere and restrict movement to some degree?) As you can imagine, they can get quite dirty. Effective grooming products in my grooming tote are a MUST.

The inspiration for this line is my horse Durango. He is a very sensitive Trakehner with auto-immune issues. As a part of my personal wellness journey, I swapped my regular cosmetics (full of ingredients that just should not be allowed to be there) for natural alternatives and my skin/ hair was better for it.  It made sense to extend the same wellness approach to my horses. He was reacting to regular grooming products filled with not so pretty synthetic chemicals like lauryl sulfates, propylene glycol, phthalates and parabens. You see, these are NOT good for our health,  for our environment, and of course – NOT for the health of our horses. This led me to develop plant-based grooming products with a focus on performance that I feel good about using on my horses and to which they respond well; products that my 6-year-old can use and I do not need to worry, what harmful ingredients she is being exposed to.

I am constantly working on new products to add to the EcoLicious line to make your four legged significant others happy, healthy and dazzling and to have you enjoy the grooming process. The scents are heavenly, smelling of sunshine and holidays. 🙂

EcoLicious products are not only safe, they deliver breath-taking results. I use these products every day and I am positive both your horse as well as yourself will enjoy & appreciate the EcoLicious Experience. I know the earth will for sure.

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“Ride Green!”

Petra Z. McGowan &  the # 1 Durango

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