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“I take pride in the way my horses look both at shows and on a daily basis which is why I confidently trust Ecolicious. The Ecolicious line of products help me care for my horses coats and skin, no matter the occasion, using only the very best ingredients.”

Lauren Kieffer
Eventer & Rolex 2014 Silver Medalist


“I simply cannot say enough great things about the quality of products, and the devotion to environmentalism, promoted by EcoLicious Equestrian. Their complete line of grooming products to treat horses from muzzle to tail is not only safe, but effective, and always smell delicious! I am particularly thrilled to have ‘HOOF THERAPY Restorative & Protective Serum in my arsenal of tools. It is chock full of fatty acids, as well as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients which combined work as a great defense against thrush, cracked walls, and dry soles. Instead of having to use three separate products to treat my horses’ hooves, I am thrilled to now only use EE HOOF THERAPY with fantastic results – even my farrier was impressed! At Cuttyhunk Farm, we are proud of our horses and their turnout, combined with their performance. I am excited to have the support of such an incredible company, who’s passion for environmentalism and equestrian sport is so beautifully balanced with my own that it is a joy to spread the word and get excited about all they have to offer!”

Katie Lynch
Cuttyhunk Farm LLC
Stonington, CT


“I absolutely love your line, my favourite two products are Glossy Coat Enhancing Tonic and Hands On Barn Hand Repair Cream! I use Hands on everyday, I have a eczema, and in the summer time with the heat and barn work my hands crack and itch all the time. I have gone to the doctor and tried all the medicated creams, but nothing is as soothing as Hands on! It soothes the itch with out making my hands greasy. As well as Hands on, Glossy is my favourite product. It gives my horses a glossy beautiful shine with the slip of show sheen.”

Veronica Burbage
Nova Scotia, Canada


Pro Equine Grooms Smeg-U-Later All Natural Sheath Cleaner Review

Ecolicious Equestrian has finally done it.  (And by “IT” I mean create a way to clean sheaths and udders that does not make you gag.)  Ecolicious has created SMEG-U-LATER All Natural Sheath Cleaner to help break up the smegma in those oh so delicate areas. The SMEG-U-LATER is a great idea – combine lavender, natural goodies, and make it super concentrated so you are not wasting a lot of product.  A tiny dab warmed up in your gloved hands goes a long way, and the wonderful, botanical aroma soothes you, your horse, and covers up that distinctive smell that we all recognize.

Pro Equine Grooms Squeaky Green and Clean Waterless Deep Clasing Shampoo
Grooms have one particular nightmare in common – the poop/urine/dirt stain.  On show day.  Before a final class.  Or even worse, a championship. It was time to experiment a little bit with an Ecolicious Equestrian product called Squeaky Green and Clean Waterless Deep Cleaning Shampoo.  Fingers crossed, I was skeptical of the instructions (Spray, wait, dry towel, brush.)  I followed them to the letter – and holy smokes, much better!!  As this was a particularly nasty stain, I did a quick and thin second coat, and this time used a slightly damp rag to finish the job.  Easy-peasy! I also tried the Squeaky Green and Clean Waterless Shampoo on some more “normal” stains – and no need to use a damp-ish wash cloth and a second coatTo read the full product review and see before and after pic click here.

elisa“We had a couple warm days that got up to 66 degrees, so I finally got the chance to wash Blue’s tail.  I am so impressed with these products.  I think I had said before that I’d been floating around looking for something that would satisfy me and hadn’t found anything quite right, let alone natural.  I’m so glad I tried this brand now. It was getting dark out and started to rain a little, so I didn’t even do that thorough of a job and it still came out great.  The Squeaky Green & Clean Shampoo was wonderful, I couldn’t believe how clean it got his tail all the way up into the base.  It usually takes 2-3 washes and rinses to get all that dirt out and I did not expect it to be clean after just the one wash last night, but it was.  And I mean really clean, not even stained.  His tail was pure white when I finished.  And it was great to be able to put the Silky Moisturizing Rinse Out Coat Mane and Tail Conditioner in right on top of the shampoo.  It saved a lot of time not having to rinse twice.  His tail is super long and thick and stays tied up all the time, so it takes much longer to wash than the average tail.  Once I brought him inside, I wanted to test out how well the conditioner worked, so before I sprayed anything in, I made one big brush stroke from top to bottom and the comb slid right through.  I couldn’t believe it.  That has NEVER happened even with spray on detangler, let alone without it.  It made blow-drying so easy since I didn’t have knots to pick through. I did finish off with the Moisture Maniac Mane & Tail Detangling Infusion spray on conditioner for good measure and loved how his tail just felt natural when it was all dry.  Everything else I’ve tried made it sticky, waxy, tacky, slimy, or all of the above.  It just felt clean and natural, which is what I was going for.  And the glimmer it left was pretty amazing too.  His hair is sort of transparent, so it’s really hard to get a shine.  I’ll probably never even need to use the whitening product at this rate.”

Elissa Dabeurman


Ecolicious products have made my horse beauty routine a success. I deal with a Warmblood who suffers with allergies, and with my sensitive dry skin, I desperately needed to find a product that was both completely all natural and effective. I trust Ecolicious products to make my horse look and smell fantastic. Many equine shampoos can be harsh on both horse and handler when used regularly, but Ecolicious Green and Squeaky Clean Shampoo eliminates this problem, and with the added bonus of its natural fragrance properties, it provides me with complete peace of mind that my horse and I are in the cleanest safest possible environment. My horse smells so good I’ve used it myself! I trust Ecolicous products to make my horse look and smell fantastic, and knowing that I’m helping the environment at the same time has made me a customer for life!”

Tanya Ghingold, Quebec (Hudson/St-Lazare)



“The Ecolicious grooming products are amazing! My personal favorites are the Leave Me Be All Natural  Body Spray, the Glossy Gloss Coat Shine, De-Stress Intensive Mane & Tail Detangler which can get out the toughest of knots, and the Squeaky Green & Clean Deep Cleansing and Conditioning Shampoo which gets the horses’ coats super clean and shiny”

“These products smell great and work even better! I love that they are all natural and chemical free! By using these products, I can be sure that my top competition horses are being groomed with safe, environmentally friendly products that meet their every need. I know that Diana’s horses look their best going into the show ring thanks to the Ecolicious grooming products!”

Sandra Anderson, Professional Groom
Six consecutive Rolex CCI**** Three Day Events

“I use the Hoof Therapy Restorative & Protective Serum daily and my farrier has commented on the improved health of my horses’ feet.  I also use it at shows for that extra shine before I go in the ring”

Lauren Bliss Kieffer, O’Connor Eventing Team
“Sooo… just thought I’d let you know that my 4 year old is the biggest fan of your De-Stress mane and tail detangler!! LOL! She saw how well it worked on our horses tail so she’s decided to let me test it on her “tail”! It works great and we have had a significant decrease in grooming arguments when it comes to grooming her hair! Thanks to Professional Equine Grooms for introducing me to your products!!”

Michelle Tate-Fuller
Professional Groom, Texas

“I would consider myself a bit of a grooming junkie, and Ecolicious is an absolute dream come true!! All the products are not only safe for my mare but smell fantastic. I must say my absolute favorite product in the line is Glossy Gloss Enhancing Coat Tonic, it gives the perfect shine and finishing touch. Not only is it a must have in my show box for that extra shine, it’s also in my daily grooming kit!!Thank you Ecolicious for your commitment to making safe products for our equine friends!!”

Melissa Johnston
Winnipeg, MB

Product Review by Professional Equine Grooms : Squeaky Green & Clean Shampoo & De-Stress Mane & Tail Detangler

“The smell alone is amazing – citrus!  Now for the best part – it lathers like crazy.  And I mean crazy.  (Which, being a girl, I love.)    You can tell from the lather if you missed a spot. Now, have you ever rinsed your horse for what seems like hours, only to find suds when you sweat scrape?  Not the case here.  Hence the name “Squeaky”….I was a bit worried that I would soon begin to itch, as Miguel had so lovingly shared some of the lather with me via a good, healthy shake.  Yes, I cold rinse off my arms, but not really my neck or face.  I didn’t itch at all, and again ended up smelling great.I will also add that I saved up a lot of dirt and poop stains and yellow tail before the bath.  The Green and Squeaky Clean Shampoo turned his tail white, without any chemicals or harsh detergents.”

“De-Stress Intensive Treatment is a bit different – and in a much better way.  It works just as well as the typical detanglers.  However, it smells better, isn’t full of things I just can’t pronounce, and it’s not sticky.  It did not create any sort of “dirt glue”.  His tail stayed WHITE!!”

Professional Equine Grooms
California, United States

Product Review by Horse Junkies United

“The combination of natural ingredients in these products are gentle, yet effective and they smell so good that you will want to use them on yourself! I would not buy grooming products based on how they smell “alone, but the Ecolicious products also work great and are completely chemical-free!! The results I got were very satisfying, and made our horses look super!”

For full product review click here.

Sandra Andersen, Professional Equine Groom for Diana Burnett Eventing
Horse Junkies United Grooming Guru

Product Review by Professional Equine Grooms : In Control Braiding & Mane Setting Cream

The In Control Conditioning Mane Setting Cream is heaven in a bottle.  It is designed to make manes easy to braid while creating flawless results. The wonderful feature is in fact the ability of In Control to squash fly aways during braiding.  The hair gets just coated enough to stick together and remove all signs of horse bed head.   It’s also not so sticky and stiff and that the braids are crunchy or dull when you are done. Shiny and neat instead.

For full product review & before and after pics click here.

Professional Equine Grooms
California, United States

“So I was at the Mane Event on Saturday, and got myself a bottle of Hands On Therapeutic Hand Repair Lotion. I must say, when you first smell it, all you can smell is the Tea Tree oil. But once you rub it on your hands its an explosion of orangy goodness! 😉 I LOVE the way it gets sticky while your rubbing it in, so if you have to run and do something quickly it won’t be like trying to work with butter on your hands! 😉 I wish I could have taken a before and after picture! In just 3 days my hands look like they belong on my 19yo body! (Seriously, if you only saw my hands you’d think they belonged to an 80yo!) Plus I have sensitive, dry skin and this lotion doesn’t burn/sting/rash at all! Woohoo! I feel really great knowing its all natural, and eco-friendly! Thank you EcoLicious Equestrian for an amazing product!… The only complaint I have is that I walk around with my hands glued to my face because it smells THAT good! 😉 I look forward to trying out your other products and I recommend your products to all of my friends, Horsey or not!”

Becca Storey
“My name is Elaine Banfield I am an FEI dressage trainer, rider and coach. Also an Equine Canada certified national dressage judge and an Equine Canada high performance training coach at Elaine Banfield Equine Services.

Elaine_ride“I use products from EcoLicious Equestrian in my barn. They smell great and feel better than great. They deliver the kind of results I want for my competition horses, with no worry of compromising their health, quality of air around my barn or my own health. They are gentle, without any toxic ingredients, and the results are wonderful.

“ EcoLicious products work superbly and are easy to use. I love the shiny coats and smooth silky tails. My absolute favourite is the De-Stress Intensive Restructuring & Detangling Treatment for manes and tails. It’s a great conditioner, soothes itchy tails and is the fastest way to remove burrs, stubborn tangles or shavings. The best feature is the longevity of these products. The tail is smooth and tangle free for several days.

“I am so impressed with the quality of these products that I have been confidently recommending EcoLicious products to all my clientele. Thank you EcoLicious, it is about time someone produced truly effective and environmentally friendly horse care products.”


Elaine Banfield, FEI Dressage Trainer, Rider, Coach & Dressage Judge
Anola, MB

I have just received my EcoLicious order a few day ago and I’m in love with them. I had such badly damaged skin on my hands from washing them so much and grooming my horses all the time that they were cracked and often bleeding. I’ve been using the HANDS ON Therapeutic Barn Hand Repair Lotion everyday and my skin is now healed and no longer bleeding. I have pretty much every product that you offer and will use nothing else on my horses. Keep up the good work!

Tina Chapman, Gore, QC

“My horse has had a dry itchy tail for years. I’ve tried many products and home remedies and nothing has worked until I started using the Ecolicious product called De-Stress.
liz_barrels“This product has worked miracles and it smells good too. My horse’s tail is no longer itchy and she is not rubbing all the hair off of it. She no longer has flaky dry skin on her tail. Her tail is smooth and silky soft. It has never looked better. I also love the fact that this product is made from all natural products and is 100% chemical free.

Thank you Ecolicious.”

Liz Bourgoin
Anola, MB


“When EcoLicious Equestrian came onto the market, I knew it was what I had been searching for all these years as I lingered in the tack store. I always felt uncertain of what was safe to use on my horses (and why on earth I should use something that advised me to “spray in a well ventilated area” and “wash hands immediately after use.”)

megan_and_baroque“I pride myself on meticulous Megan & Barouqui at a dressage showturn out and wanted to find something that would deliver serious results without compromising my horse’s health. I felt uneasy turning my horses out after using traditional chemical-based products knowing they would inevitably itch and ingest potentially toxic substances. I wanted something safe AND effective. EcoLicious Equestrian does just that. My horses are happy to indulge my grooming addiction since I started using EcoLicious products, in particular the “Glossy” Enhancing Coat Tonic. They never wince, prance or try to leave when I reach for a bottle…they seem soothed by the natural healing fragrance and let me spray to my hearts content! They just seem to know it won’t hurt them and it gives me peace of mind knowing it’s also environmentally friendly. It doesn’t hurt that it makes their coats fantastically shiny without ever causing my saddle to slip!

“The fact that I get compliments most every day on what beautiful horses I have is a real testament to the quality of EcoLicious products. I like to think of this line of products as professional-grade and wouldn’t be surprised if they find their way into the grooming buckets of Olympians in the very near future!”

Megan Nunn
Equines Wellness Consultant & Dressage Rider
From The Ground Up Equine Services

“Between university, work and everyday life I didn’t have much time to spend with my horse, Finn. When I did get a chance to go out, my focus was on riding, not grooming. Because of this, his tail had not been brushed in nearly 6 months. When I finally got the chance to give his tail a good grooming, it was a mess of tangles and knots. I used the De-Stress Intensive Restructuring & Detangling Treatment and couldn’t believe how easily all of the tangles loosened and brushed through. Finn’s tail looked shiny and healthy again in no time! And I love that the ingredients are all natural. I don’t need to worry about what chemicals my horse is being exposed to and what affect they may have in the future. It’s a fabulous product.”

Whitney Prydun
Grunthall, MB

“After using Ecolicious De-Stress Intensive Restructuring & Detangling Treatment for manes & tails I was very impressed with the results. My horses’ manes and tails had not been touched by a brush or comb, let alone any type of shampoo or conditioner, for quite some time, yet after applying only a small amount of the product, their manes and tails were instantly softened and detangled. And, it’s also great to have some more eco-conscious options for my horse care and grooming needs.”

Stephanie Davis
Anola, MB

“Ecolicious products are the best! The Squeaky Green & Clean Shampoo cuts through all that nasty winter dust and grime like a hot knife through butter. The smallest amount of the DeStress Detangler had my horse’s mane and tail gliding through my brush like silk. And the Hands On Lotion for myself is AMAZING! As person sensitive to scents, I find that the natural Sweet Orange aroma is very relaxing without too much intensity and the moisturising effect is long lasting.”

Hailie Emms
Stonewall, MB

“Just bought De-Stress -the Mane & Tail All Natural Intensive Treatment the other day and use it tonight for the first time. AmAzInG!!! It worked incredibly well, I barely needed any and it covered the whole ail. Best mane & tail product i’ve ever used (and i’m a grooming product junkie!). I will definitively be buying other products from this line!”

Stephanie Sawatzki

“Big thanks to EcoLicious for their fabulous line of products. I am head over heels with the Hoof Therapy Restorative Serum. Considering this summer with its continuing rain then a few weeks of drought where ground got to rock hard, Hoof Therapy kept my horses’ feet in immaculate condition. I even used it on the fetlock area of one of my QH where he started developing scratches. Couple of applications and it all cleared out.

“Thanks again for great products.”

Joyce Rivers
Trails End Ranch


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