EcoLicious Beauty Tip: Dry & Cracked Hoofs

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EcoLicious Beauty Tip: Dry & Cracked Hoofs

Does your horse suffer from dry, cracked feet? Healthy hoof  is covered with a natural coating that prevents escape of moisture from the hoof.  When it is compromised, your horse’s feet suffer. Dry, brittle hoofs are caused by dry, hot and sandy environmental conditions, poor diet stripped of nutrients and previous hoof desease such as laminitis. If your’ horse’s Mom & Dad had dry, brittle feet your horse will likely end up with same. Genetics.

Dry, brittle hooves can quickly deteriorate and can split or deeper cracks develop. The frog can become dry and hard as well, and contract, along with the heel. The frog functions as a cushion, which becomes impossible when it is dry.  It can  be painful and result in lameness. When deep cracks develop, foreign material that lodges in the hoof cracks can cause infection, thrush etc.

Dry, brittle feet can be managed or avoided. Check out the tips below:

Moist area in the paddock (often around water troughs), where the horse will stand long enough for moisture to go into the hooves. But don’t think wet, muddy paddock will do your horse any good. These are perfect conditions in which thrush thrive.

Nutritional Boost. Add some biotin and methionine supplements to your horse’s diet.

Proper & regular hoof trimming. 

Hoof  treatments/ dressings to moisturize the hoof. Try our 100% Natural Therapeutic Hoof Serum Hoof  Therapy. It is made with Organic Hemp, Wheat Germ, Apricot Kernel and Olive Oil which rich in the essential fatty acids vital for healthy hoof growth. Hoof Therapy moisturizes dry, cracked hoofs, softens hardened frogs, treats contracted heels and protects against the elements. It also contains Tea Tree Oil, Burdock Leaf Extract and Lavender, which are known for their antibacterials properties.


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