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“EcoLicious Products Are Dream Come True”:Testimonial from Melissa

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“EcoLicious Products Are Dream Come True”:Testimonial from Melissa

We love to hear from you.  Here’s a testimonial from our customer Melissa.

“I would consider myself a bit of a horse grooming junkie, and Ecolicious is an absolute dream come true!! All the products are not only safe for my mare but smell fantastic. I must say my absolute favorite product in the line is Glossy Gloss Coat Enhancing Tonic, it gives the perfect shine and finishing touch. Not only is it a must have in my show box for that extra shine, it’s also in my daily grooming kit!! Thank you Ecolicious for your commitment to making safe products for our equine friends!!”


Melissa Johnston
Winnipeg, MB

Thank you Melissa!  We love you.

Ride Green!
The EcoLicious Equestrian

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