“I am an Ecolicious lifer!!” Testimonial

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“I am an Ecolicious lifer!!” Testimonial

Thank you Stephanie for sharing her testimonial with us!

” This is a long time coming, but I wanted to share with you my love for your products! Since the start-up of your company in 2010, I have been avidly using every one of your delicious, eco-friendly products at some point or another on my horses. I appreciate your commitment to environmentally friendly, non-toxic products and packaging that I feel comfortable using on my “children”. After using other big name products and finding less than stellar results, such as dry, brittle manes and tails, and slippery coats, it is so nice to be able to use a whole line of products that does what it claims to do; “Make horses beautiful, naturally.”

My Dressage mount, Jerrycho, has a beautiful coat that absolutely gleams in the show ring after just a bath with the Green & Squeaky Clean Shampoo. I am in love with the In-Control Mane Setting Cream for doing his braids fresh every morning and find that his mane actually comes out moisturized instead of brittle and dry as with other products I’ve used to braid. The Moisture Maniac is hands-down my favorite product of yours and I use it religiously for his tail. It moisturizes, detangles, and leaves his tail luminous.

At one point a couple years ago, my other gelding, Rory, had a moderate case of scratches on his hind legs and seeing that your Hoof Serum had antibacterial properties in it, I liberally applied it to the bulbs of his heels and no word of a lie, it disappeared within a week. I was so impressed!! He also enjoys the sweet orange scent of most of your products and I find he loves his grooming sessions that much more when your products are involved.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for designing a product line that finally reflects just how much my horses mean to me! I am an Ecolicious lifer!!”


Stephanie Ruud

Ride Green,
EcoLicious Equestrian
making horses beautiful. naturally.

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