Comfort Me Moisturizing Skin Balm


Does your horse’s skin need some extra moisture, some TLC?


Does your horse’s skin need some serious TLC? Bring on Comfort Me to the rescue. This skin balm is formulated with highest-quality all natural ingredients to keep your horse’s skin looking and feeling its best. We’ve mixed Green Tea infusion with soothing and ultra-hydrating Cocoa Butter, Organic Hemp Oil, and Beeswax, and blended them with nature’s powerhouses in skin relief – Honeysuckle Extract and Allantoin. Zinc Oxide helps create a protective layer. Tea Tree Essential Oil and Myrrh Extract, known for their antibacterial benefits, are added for healthy, blemish-free skin. Lavender Essential Oil is not only an effective topical, its pleasant aroma helps to calm and comfort a frazzled mind. #aromatherapy

236 ml (8 fl oz)

Comfort Me Balm is my daily go to moisturize my horse’s skin where it needs some extra care. I love the Lavender scent ( and so does he).

Leona Colman, Aspen, CO


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