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Smeg-U-Later – the All Natural EcoLicious Sheath Cleaner is Here & You Can Get It FREE

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Smeg-U-Later – the All Natural EcoLicious Sheath Cleaner is Here & You Can Get It FREE

Are you dreading THE JOB?

We’re thrilled to introduce a new product that makes this inevitable, hands-on job at least less unpleasant for you and your horse.  Smeg-U-Later – the All Natural Sheath Cleaner – named based on April Rotha’s submission to our Name It To Claim It Contest.

This all natural formula is made with gentle yet effective coconut derived cleansers and soothing Honeysuckle Extract to make sure our precious geldings and stud muffins don’t get irritated down there. We’ve also added essential oil of Lavender known for its calming properties. Let’s face it, we all want our horses to be nice and calm when we’re doing THE JOB. If your horse gets a little antsy, give him a sniff and you’ll see his eyes glaze over, making the whole experience more pleasurable for both of you.  The result? A happy horse with a squeaky clean lavender smelling undercarriage (and you’ll have lavender scented hands too). Smeg-U-Later is also great for cleaning delicate skin like nostrils and around the eye area.

If it’s time for you to do THE JOB, you deserve a bonus: Get a free Smeg-U-Later with minimum order $75 of any EcoLicious products – so replenish your grooming supplies now for the coming show season!

Include “FREE Smeg-U-Later in the Notes section during check out!

Why Sheath Cleaning?

If you are the proud owner of a gelding or stallion, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the job we love to hate, and some of us ask our vet to do it or avoid it completely. Yes, I am talking about cleaning your precious gelding or stud muffin’s “undercarriage”. And yes, someone needs to do it.

Smegma is a collection of dirt and excretions that are completely normal. Smegma builds up around the sheath of the penis and should be cleaned for the sake of your horse’s health and comfort. Guidelines suggest twice a year, but every horse is different.  Smegma hardens and forms a “bean” that can cause serious pain for your horse. It can lead to behavior problems (really, can you blame him?) and worse, health problems. Dirty sheaths also lead to every horse owner’s nightmare. Tail rubbing! And the odor, you cannot forget that.

p.s. If you’re a mare owner, remember that the wax build up between their teats needs to be cleaned too., as it can lead to an uncomfortable itch.

p.s.s.  Smeg-U-Later can be used to clean delicate areas around your horse`s eyes and nostrils. We tested it – on ourselves – and it works fabulous in remove eye makeup. We are against testing  on animals, but we`re all over testing products on ourselves. I mean if it irritated my eyes, wouldn’t it irritate my horse`s?

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