Testimonial from Gina & Seamus : “I Am So Glad I Found You!”

The End Result – full, silky and shiny mane & tail

Testimonial from Gina & Seamus : “I Am So Glad I Found You!”

My morning couldn’t start better off. Thank you Gina for sharing before & after pics and her

experience with our products. What a beautiful horse. We love the transformation.


I am sending pictures of my horse Seamus (shamus) Moonstone, a Amber Cream Champagne Kentucky Mountain Horse.

I am so happy with the All Natural DeStress Intensive Mane & Tail Treatment. I have tried just about everything on my horses mane & tail. I love your products, I can use the mane & tail detangler on a dirty mane and Seamus’s mane & tail become soft and it does not get the dread locks that happen after a couple of days. I hardly comb his mane or tail, only after a bath. The mane & tail detangler works wonders for his thick mane & tail.

Today I gave him a bath and only used the DeStress, it is the ultimate product I have ever used. It keeps his mane & tail soft and look how it picks up the light, he shimmers! Even after a couple of days his mane & tail remains knot free and it keeps its softness and shine. I will never use anything else on Seamus’s mane and tail & I cannot wait to try your other products.

I also love your Hands On hand lotion, it leaves my hands soft and not greasy, I am a farmer and my hands are always a mess, I cannot wait to see how your hand lotion works through our New England winters. Another GREAT product, I am so glad I found you!”

Gina & Seamus

Thanks Gina. All we can say is – we are glad YOU found US.

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