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The Dreaded Tail Itch

liz whiskwy at pine ridge show

The Dreaded Tail Itch

De-Stress – our  EcoLicious Mane & Tail Intensive Treatment is not only good for transforming dry distressed tails, it also work wonders for the dreaded tail itch.

It contains Tee Tree Oil that helps to take care of the itch and the dandruff. Rosemary & Coconut Oil promote healthy hair growth and Organic Hemp Oil is full of essential fatty acids needed for healthy skin. This product, unlike majority of “tail itch” products, contains no mineral oil and silicones. Why? They coat the skin like plastic preventing it from breathing, which leads to even more scratching.

We were so glad to hear from Liz, our customer, about her experience with this 100% natural earth friendly product.

“My horse has had a dry itchy tail for years.  I’ve tried many products and home remedies and nothing has worked until I started using the Ecolicious product called De-Stress. This product has worked miracles and it smells good too.  My horse’s tail is no longer itchy and she is not rubbing all the hair off of it.  She no longer has flaky dry skin on her tail.  Her tail is smooth and silky soft.  It has never looked better.  I also love the fact that this product is made from all natural products and is 100% chemical free. Thank you Ecolicious!”

Liz Bourgoin
Anola, Mb.

Thank you Liz!!

Ride Green,

Team EcoLicious Equestrian
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