The Tail Tales – Keep Your Horse’s Tail Beautiful the EcoLicious Way

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The Tail Tales – Keep Your Horse’s Tail Beautiful the EcoLicious Way

We confess. We go nuts over our horses’ tails and when we find them all tangled up with burrs, caked with mud, dry and damaged; we freak out. I still remember when Durango’s new pasture mate used his tail as a chewing gum.  I cried.  We all know that a flowing silky & vibrant tail is the crown of every horse. A thin stringy tail  doesn’t only mar the overall picture, it also doesn’t serve its purpose from the practical point of view – protecting  your horse from bugs and in colder climates, protecting his nether regions from wind, rain and frostbite.

So what can we do to keep our horse’s tail flawless?

Make sure your horse is on a well balanced nutritious diet. Consider a Biotin supplement known to enhance and promote a healthy coat, mane & tail quality from within.Beauty from within

Keep It CleanBeauty from without

Keep your horse’s tail clean with regular shampooing. Irritated, dry and itchy
base of a tail clogged with sweat and dirt will make your horse rub his tail and break his tail hairs. Use a mild non-irritating shampoo without SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) that dries the skin & hair and are toxic to fish and wildlife.  Look for shampoos containing Tea Tree known for its anti-fungal, anti-itch  & anti-dandruff properties with emollient ingredients like Silk.  Try our Squeaky Green & Clean Shampoo – heavy duty yet mild, it’ll make your horse’s tail squeaky clean and ooh-soo-soft. BONUS: It smells heavenly – like Sweet Orange – known in equine aromatherapy as an uplifting scent.

Condition & Condition

To keep the tail moisturized and prevent it from breakage, always use a rinse-our conditioner after shampooing. Leave in for several minutes, pick carefully through your horse’s tail & work through tangles and knots. Look for conditioners with emollient ingredients like Silk or Hemp Oil.  Avoid products with artificial dyes or fragrances that cause irritation. Try our Silky Rinse Out Coat, Mane & Tail Conditioner. It’s full of natural goodness and  nourishes the hair making them shiny and smooth.

& Condition….

If your horse’s tail in in real distress go with De-Stress Intensive Restructuring Treatment. It infuses the hair with moisture, essential fatty acids and other natural emollient ingredients; and makes it go from drab to fab. Use it in place of your regular conditioner or go with anEcoLicious Spa Treatment – see how to do it here. This product also removes burrs and witches knots at the speed of light and soothes the itchy “dandruffy” tail dock.

Do not over- handle your horse’s tail. Always use a conditioner (try our EcoLicious Moisture Maniac Mane & Tail Infusion) and work from the bottom. Pick through the tail with your fingers or work the tangles very carefully with a comb. Always work in section and if you’re pulling any hairs out back off on the comb.Handle with Care

Braid & Protect

For the ultimate protection use a tail bag or braid the tail . However don’t do that in the middle of fly season where your horse  needs his tail to protect himself from the pesky bugs. Always apply a conditioner before the braiding or bagging. The hair needs to stay moist to prevent breakage. Try In Control – our Conditioning Mane Setting & Braiding Cream that’s infused with natural conditioning & moisturizing ingredients that make braiding easy.

Do you have tips on how to keep tails beautiful? Please share them with us!

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