To Brush or Not to Brush

tail brushing

To Brush or Not to Brush

To brush or not to brush? Which side of a fence are you on? We at EcoLicious Equestrian believe in regular brushing. Why? We find regular maintenance while applying proper technique is easier on tails and actually results in less breakage and hair loss than if you allow the tail to go unkempt. Dry, tangly tail will break much easier if caught on a fence or if your horse rubs it.

What is a proper technique? No # 1 cardinal rule of tail brushing. Never rake! And always use a detangler. We recommend to go silicione free as silicones act like a plastic bag, build up and suffocate the hair. Try our 100% Natural De-Stress Intensive Treatment or our Spray On Moisture Maniac Detangling Infusion, they’re free of nasty chemicals, silicones and parabens. Start at the bottom, work in sections and don’t fight the knots. Instead saturate them in your detangler (De-Stress is the master in removing withce’s knots and burrs) and work through them with your hands.
 Just like humans, horses naturally lose some hair everyday to make space for new. Whether you gently brush them out on daily basis or once every two weeks, they’re gone.
Yours naturally.
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