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Update on Black Forrest William aka “Dirty Willy”

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Update on Black Forrest William aka “Dirty Willy”

Do you remember Black Forrest William aka the “Dirty Willy”- the Gypsy Vaner stallion from Cyclone Farms and our first EcoLicious Beauty Makeover subject?

If you don’t remember or if you weren’t around yet, here is “Dirty Willy’s” Makeover Video and before and after pics.  Cora and Karl – the owners and operators of Cyclone Farms got hooked on our products after the makeover and now they are one of our moth faithful customers.

So what’s up with William now? Cora was so kind to keep us posted about the new developments with this super sweet handsome boy. William was shown at The Oklahoma State Fair Gypsy and Draft Horse Show this September as well as at the Heartland Feathered Classic, Danville Indiana. His most notable achievements were:

Amateur Gypsy Halter 1st out of 10
Gypsy In Hand Best Traditional Movement 4th out of 14
Gypsy Color Class- Patterned 2nd out of 14
Gypsy & Drum In Hand Obstacle course 3rd out of 18

And of course we cannot forget the Best Groomed & Conditioned Class. That’s after all what we are all about. William placed second and according to Cora  he would have done better. “When we were blow drying him, we missed a spot under his mane. It was still damp when we went into the ring and it cost us valuable points. I’m convinced that if it wasn’t for that William would place first. Thanks to EcoLicious!” And we add to that : thanks to your hard work! We know first hand how much elbow greese it takes.

We asked Cora what it took to get William Red Carpet ready and here’s her How To: “ William was dry scrubbed with Green & Squeaky Clean straight from the bottle in the especially dirty spots, then his feathers were rinsed and also scrubbed with Green & Squeaky Clean. He was then completely hosed down and scrubbed with Green & Squeaky Clean again (how can you tell I love this stuff). He was then rinsed off and  In Control was applied to his mane, tail and feather and allowed to sit for a few minutes before brushing through. The whitener (to be launched soon) was then applied to his feather (the whitener is amazing, it even removed the pink stain in William’s feather caused by the red dirt in Oklahoma).”

We’re proud of William and we can’t wish for a better “face” for EcoLicious Equestrian. After all if our products can get a horse like Dirty Willy squeaky clean and looking  fabulous, imagine how stunning they would make your horse.

Check out this artistic shot of William in his harness. Courtesy of Marianne Boone, Featherwind Gypsy Horses. Thank you also goes to Valerie Peppers Kennedy from Cosmopolitan Farms for allowing us to use her photography. Thank you ladies!

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