Waterless Squeaky Clean Testimonial

mimi before and after

Waterless Squeaky Clean Testimonial

A testimonial from Mimi Washburn who has  recently purchased our Waterless Squeaky Clean & Green Shampoo.

“We all know the struggles of keeping our horses squeaky clean on a day to day basis in the winter. My horses are usually pretty good about keeping themselves clean, but every now and then they decide they need a nice nap in something dirty.

I started using the EcoLicious Equine Waterless Shampoo recently and couldn’t be happier with the results. Both of my geldings are normally the grumpiest animal alive when I’m brushing them. When I spray them with the waterless shampoo, they both completely change. They’re relaxed, have way fewer tickle spots, and are falling asleep and leaning into me by the time I’m done.

Plus, all of EcoLicious’s products are actually natural. There are no chemicals that strip their coats’ of natural oils essential to keeping them looking shiny. Not only all of that, but also they smell delicious! It definitely is an essential in my tack trunk now.”

Mimi Washburn

Thank you Mimi! So happy to hear your critters enjoy our products.

Ride Green,
EcoLicious Equestrian
making horses beautiful. naturally.

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