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What Is It Like to Be a Pro Equine Groom?


What Is It Like to Be a Pro Equine Groom?

What is it like to have a Grooming Job? Super excited to share this guest blog post by the people who know this more than anybody else – Professional Equine Grooms. If career as a pro equine groom is something you wish to pursue, joining their community is the best first step you can take.

This is a great question, with so many levels! Mainly, it’s a whole lot of responsibility, with not a whole lot of time in the spotlight. Grooming, by it’s very nature, is a behind the scenes job. You are there before dawn sometimes, and after sunset on many occasions. The barn and horses magically get cleaned several times a day. Multiple feedings are taken care of, and hay seems to stack itself. A perfect stranger, new to horses, might get the idea that it’s very little work! Ultimately, a Groom is responsible for many other things besides just stacking hay and sweeping the barn. The health and well being of the horse is top priority.

You are responsible for knowing each horse inside and out, top to bottom, front to back. And having that knowledge, you are responsible for noticing any and all changes in your horses. How they act, how they eat, how they poop. Upon noticing any change, you are responsible for carrying out the directions of your Employer, the Veterinarian, or the Farrier. You are also responsible for carrying out the “plan” of the day. What’s the riding plan? The turnout plan? The hand walking plan? Is the Veterinarian or Farrier coming? Hay or shavings delivery? (And don’t get me started on what to do if someone is early or late – kick in those multi-tasking tools!)

There are, of course, many other dimensions to the job description that don’t involve the horses directly. Taking care of the barn, tack, feed room, tack room, arenas, and turn outs also falls under your umbrella. It’s a long day with lots to do! Yes, having a Grooming job is tough and busy, it’s also very rewarding. There is nothing like watching your horse enter the gate, go down centerline, or have a clear round. There’s a bit of pride knowing that your horse is turned out beautifully because of you!

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