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“I Am So Glad I Tried the EcoLicious Brand”

Elissa & Craving Blu

“I Am So Glad I Tried the EcoLicious Brand”

Thank you Elissa for sharing her experience with EcoLicious products.

“We had a couple warm days that got up to 66 degrees, so I finally got the chance to wash Blue’s tail.  I am so impressed with these products.  I think I had said before that I’d been floating around looking for something that would satisfy me and hadn’t found anything quite right, let alone natural.  I’m so glad I tried this brand now.

“It was getting dark out and started to rain a little, so I didn’t even do that thorough of a job and it still came out great.  The Squeaky Green & Clean Shampoo was wonderful, I couldn’t believe how clean it got his tail all the way up into the base.  It usually takes 2-3 washes and rinses to get all that dirt out and I did not expect it to be clean after just the one wash last night, but it was.  And I mean really clean, not even stained.  His tail was pure white when I finished.  And it was great to be able to put the Silky Moisturizing Rinse Out Coat Mane and Tail Conditioner in right on top of the shampoo.  It saved a lot of time not having to rinse twice.  His tail is super long and thick and stays tied up all the time, so it takes much longer to wash than the average tail.  Once I brought him inside, I wanted to test out how well the conditioner worked, so before I sprayed anything in, I made one big brush stroke from top to bottom and the comb slid right through.  I couldn’t believe it.  That has NEVER happened even with spray on detangler, let alone without it.  It made blow-drying so easy since I didn’t have knots to pick through.

I did finish off with the Moisture Maniac Mane & Tail Detangling Infusion spray on conditioner for good measure and loved how his tail just felt natural when it was all dry.  Everything else I’ve tried made it sticky, waxy, tacky, slimy, or all of the above.  It just felt clean and natural, which is what I was going for.  And the glimmer it left was pretty amazing too.  His hair is sort of transparent, so it’s really hard to get a shine.  I’ll probably never even need to use the whitening product at this rate.”

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