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“I Am So Glad I Tried the EcoLicious Brand”

Elissa & Craving Blu

“I Am So Glad I Tried the EcoLicious Brand” Thank you Elissa for sharing her experience with EcoLicious products. “We had a couple warm days that got up to 66 degrees, so I finally got the chance to wash Blue’s tail.  I am so impressed with these products.  I think I had said before that[…]Read More

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“Give Thanks to Your Horse” EcoLicious Thanksgiving Contest

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your furry friends! Let’s celebrate with a contest. If you’re a Canuck,  Canadian Thanksgiving is long gone, but I’m sure you still have a lot to be thankful for and you can still win FREE stuff.  If you’re answer is drawn, you’ll get a FREE De-Stress Intensive Mane & Tail Treatment The winner will[…]Read More

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Patches : the EcoLicious Beauty Makeover

patches makeover

Patches : the EcoLicious Beauty Makeover It was a warm and sunny fall weekend and we had to take advantage of it and get our hands on a “dirty pony” before it gets too cold for equine beauty makeovers. And we got our hands on Patches – a sweet Paint girl that was long overdue for[…]Read More

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Christine & Bravo – Raving Reviews


Christine & Bravo – Raving Reviews Hi everyone, I’d like to share with you an email that I received yesterday from one of our customers. We’re so happy to hear about your experience with our products. Christine Stevens“Ecolicious Equestrian is the ultimate line of horse care products!  I love the Squeaky Green and Clean shampoo, it rinses[…]Read More

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Cadence : EcoLicious Beauty Makeover

cadence body, before and after

Cadence : EcoLicious Beauty Makeover Today we took on Cadence – a 5 year old Percheron Arab Cross Mare. This “little” redhead wasn’t sure at first about this whole bathing thing. We had to keep reassuring her over and over that the hose wasn’t a pony-eating-boa-constrictor. When she relaxed and stood still, we  slipped her some[…]Read More

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EcoLicious Equestrian in EQUUS Magazine

equus cover

EcoLicious Equestrian in EQUUS Magazine Thank you Equus magazine for featuring our Moisture Maniac Mane & Tail Infusion in their July issue! Moisture Maniac is made with all natural & organic human grade ingredients such as Silk, Organic Hemp, Sunflower and Coconut Oil.  It moisturizes, detangles & nourishes mane and tail hairs and smells naturally heavenly[…]Read More

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Lisa Going EcoLicious – The EcoLicious Beauty Makeover

lisa going ecolicious

Lisa Going EcoLicious – The EcoLicious Beauty Makeover We confess. We’re obsessed with before & after pics. Be it in a beauty salon or in an episode of the Biggest Loser, we’re crazy about them. In the spirit of our obsession, we’d like to share with you today a story of Lisa – a Hanoverian[…]Read More